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"Gender Justice, Human Rights and the Problem of Culture"


Presented by:

Dorothy Hodgson, Professor and Graduate Program Director, Department of Anthropolg, Rugers University, and Vice President of the African Studies Association

Thursday, March 12
4:30 PM
Neilson Library Browsing Room




"Bargaining with Normativity: Queer Kinship in Contemporary China"


Presented by:

Elisabeth Engebretsen, Associate Professor of Anthropology at Shandong University, China

Thursday, March 26
4:30 PM
Seelye Hall 106


The lecture will explore the types of queer kinship relations that have manifested as individuals navigate the powerful patrilineal kinship system that continues to shape notions of gender, sexuality, filial piety and reproduction in contemporary China. Professor Engebretsen is the author of Queer Women in Urban China: An Ethnography (2013), winner of the 2014 Ruth Benedict Honorable Mention Book Prize from the Association of Queer Anthropology, American Anthropologic al Association, and she is one of only a few anthroppologists working on the lives of queer women in China.



Anthropology in the News

CNN Money: "The extremely expensive lies companies tell themselves"

Fortune speaks with ReD's Christian Madsbjerg about flawed business thinking, the arrogance of Silicon Valley, and why he prefers to hire anthropology majors at his consulting firm.

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