African Studies



Jeffrey Ahlman, Assistant Professor of History

Joanne Corbin, Associate Professor, School for Social Work

Kim Yi Dionne, Assistant Professor, Government

Elliot Fratkin, Professor of Anthropology, Gwendolen M. Carter Endowed Chair of African Studies

Simon Halliday, Assistant Professor, Economics

Caroline Melly, Assistant Professor, Anthropology

Albert Mosley, Professor of Philosophy

Katwiwa Mule, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature

Susan Thomson, Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Contemporary African Politics & Society, Hampshire College

Gregory White, Professor of Government

Louis Wilson, Director of the African Studies Program, Professor of Afro-American Studies


Elizabeth Hopkins, Emeritus Professor of Anthropology

Catharine Newbury, Emeritus Professor of Government

David Newbury, Emeritus Professor of African Studies & History





Elizabeth Hopkins, Emeriti Professor, Anthropology