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  "As a parent who has just been through the college search process with my son, I can appreciate your anxiety. Believe me, even with over twenty-five years of experience in admission, it wasn't easy for me either! My best advice is to let your daughter control the process. With your support, she'll make the right decisions along the way and find the college that fits her best."

Deb Shaver
Dean of Admission
For Parents
En Español 写给父母 寫給父母

Choosing a college is perhaps the biggest decision you've had to work through with your daughter. And though she'll be the one doing the studying, you too have a major stake in her choice of a college. You want the best for your daughter, a place where she'll be challenged yet comfortable, where she'll have the space to dream and to reach for her goals. To find that college, you need to ask questions--including some your daughter might never think to ask.

Academic pursuit is at the heart of a college education, yet the entire college experience can be hard to evaluate. You'll want to start by asking some basic questions. Will the college offer my daughter intellectual challenge? Will the faculty take the time to get to know her and mentor her? Are the facilities top-notch? Is the campus welcoming? Smith College delivers in all these areas and many more.

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