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Thanks to an expanding program in Arabic studies at Smith and the Five Colleges, learning the dominant language of the Middle East is more than memorizing a new alphabet and studying verb tenses.

For First-Year Students


Smith is one of 600+ colleges/universities that participate in the Tuition Exchange Program. This is a program that provides awarded scholarships for children of other college/university employees to bring to Smith. For the 2016 - 2017 academic year Smith College will award $34,000 for their TE scholarships. Smith College has deemed that the TE scholarships may be used for tuition fees only. The deadline for a Tuition Exchange Scholarship Certification & Application is February 1st. Applications received after that date will not be considered for a TE scholarship award. In compliance with the Tuition Exchange Program, it is the responsibility of the exporting institution to:

Submit an eligible dependents Tuition Exchange Application to Smith by February 1st

Approve the number of years/semesters that their export can receive from Smith.

Re-certify the student's eligibility for continuing a TE scholarship each year at Smith.

The Tuition Exchange Program as defined by Smith College:

Tuition Exchange scholarships may be used toward study abroad through the Smith Junior Year Abroad programs in Florence, Hamburg, Geneva and Paris.

Students choosing to study independently in an off campus program other than those listed above in section (1) or who choose to take an approved leave of absence for a semester or an academic year would remain eligible (by Smith's policy) to continue their TE scholarship upon return to the college. However, the final decision of continuing a TE award is up to the exporting institution. Therefore, Smith must receive a TE Re-Certification application to reinstate a TE scholarship award. Also note, TE scholarships awarded by Smith are based on a total of four academic years of study or on the student's expected date of graduation, whichever is shorter.

Students taking a leave of absence that requires them to apply for re-admission to the college would lose their TE scholarship award.

TE scholarships may only be used for undergraduate study at Smith. Scholarships are not given for graduate or professional study, non-degree study or work toward a second undergraduate degree.

Smith Tuition Exchange recipients must remain in good academic and financial standing with the college in order to be re-certified each academic year.

Questions regarding the Tuition Exchange Program and its policies should be directed to Lynn Cocco, the Tuition Exchange Liaison Officer at Smith College, in the Office of Human Resources, or 413-585-2273.

Information from the Admission Office

Students must apply for admission to Smith by the noted deadlines. Parents need to meet with their Tuition Exchange Liaison at their home college/university to see if they are selected for this benefit. Students selected by their home institution to receive this benefit must have a TE application submitted to Smith by February 1(via Human Resources). Based on a student's admissibility to Smith, the Office of Admission will select three recipients.

Students selected to receive a TE award will be notified in early April. Both the offer of admission and the TE award must be responded to by May 1st.

Please note the following:

Priority is given to students who apply to Smith as first-year students under the Regular Decision Plan.

It is very rare that a TE award is given to an Early Decision student or a Transfer student; although Early Decision students have, on occasion, been offered TE.

Smith is only able to offer three awards, and they are offered to the very strongest admitted students.

Students not offered a TE award at the time of admission will be placed on a TE waiting list, if they applied for TE by the stated deadlines, are admitted to Smith and have Smith grants of less than the TE award.

Those students who are placed on the TE waiting list will not be notified of their TE status until after May 1st. This means that students may have to make a decision regarding enrolling at Smith without knowing if they will be offered a TE award.

Questions regarding the admission process should be directed to Deedee Cleveland, Senior Assistant Director of Admission, in the Office of Admission, or 413-585-2500.

Information from Student Financial Services

It is not necessary that a student need financial aid to qualify for this program. The program is actually designed as a benefit, not a financial aid award. In fact, if an admitted student were eligible for a Smith grant greater than the amount of a TE award, then the student would not get the TE award. Instead she would get a Smith grant (greater than the TE award) in order that her total family need is met.

If you wish to be considered for need-based financial aid, you must:

Complete a Smith College Financial Aid Application and a PROFILE packet.

Submit a complete and signed copy of your own and your parents' most recent federal income tax returns.

Apply for a state scholarship and all other financial aid for which you may be eligible.

Questions regarding financial aid should be directed to the Office of Student Financial Services, or 413-585-2530.


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