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John Gibson, senior lecturer, art department, teaches a brief lesson on how we perceive differences among objects toward a strategy of recognizing commonalities.

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Ada Comstock Scholars value the history of excellence that defines Smith College. They appreciate the opportunity to study with a faculty distinguished by its scholarly, scientific and artistic achievements and to choose classes from a broad liberal arts curriculum that includes more than 1,000 courses in the sciences and social sciences, arts and humanities. Ada Comstock Scholars may also take courses at any of the other four colleges in the area. Those with particular academic interests may design special studies, independent projects and interdepartmental majors.

Each Ada Comstock Scholar is encouraged to explore the rich curriculum and to select an area of concentration that she finds fully engaging. It is not unusual for an Ada Comstock student to change her mind more than once before finally declaring her major.

As they proceed, Ada Comstock Scholars are guided by faculty advisers who understand the often complex nature of their lives. They are encouraged by teachers who value their perspectives and learn quickly that they can depend on the strength and humor of other women in the program. They begin to define and fulfill the potential they had sensed within themselves.




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