Goals & Requirements

The Smith faculty have approved a list of essential capacities that should guide your education during your time at Smith. Because reflection is an essential part of a true liberal arts education, Smith will ask you to consider your development through experiences both in and beyond the classroom.

Throughout your time at Smith, you will be encouraged to reflect on your progress in each of the following areas and to identify opportunities for further growth.

Develop the ability to think critically and analytically and to convey knowledge and understanding, which require

  • writing clearly
  • speaking articulately
  • reading closely
  • evaluating and presenting evidence accurately
  • knowing and using quantitative skills
  • applying scientific reasoning
  • engaging with artistic creation and expression
  • working both independently and collaboratively

Develop a historical and comparative perspective, which requires

  • learning foreign languages
  • studying the historical development of societies,
    cultures, and philosophies
  • understanding multi- and inter-disciplinary

Become an informed global citizen, which requires

  • engaging with communities beyond Smith
  • learning tolerance and understanding diversity
  • applying moral reasoning to ethical problems
  • understanding environmental challenges