Registrar & Deans


The registrar's office maintains the permanent academic records of all students. In addition, the office is responsible for course registration, classroom scheduling, transcripts, transfer credit, certification of enrollments, issuing diplomas, and producing the schedule of classes.

Provost/Dean of the Faculty

The Office of the Provost/Dean of the Faculty oversees the college's curriculum and its academic policy and planning, as well as faculty staffing, compensation and development. The provost serves as chief academic officer, is responsible for the faculty and curriculum at Smith, and serves as deputy to the president.

Dean of the College

The dean of the college administers the academic and nonacademic policies and regulations of the college as they apply to individual students. The dean works closely with the class deans and student affairs deans to ensure that the lives of students at Smith are balanced among academic, social and residential elements.

Dean of Students

The dean of students is responsible for overseeing a comprehensive student development program that includes the offices of residential life, health services, international students and multicultural affairs, integrating academic and student life.

Class Deans

Class deans are primarily concerned with the academic welfare of each member of the class. The class deans provide counseling about academic matters.