Centers for Engagement, Learning & Leadership

Interdisciplinary by design and engaged with contemporary issues, the Smith Centers for Engagement, Learning and Leadership offer the opportunity to respond to emerging student and scholarly interests, to provide contexts for internships and independent projects and to address real-world challenges.

Center for the Environment, Ecological Design & Sustainability

The Center for the Environment, Ecological Design and Sustainability advances environmental literacy, fosters innovative research, and effects sustainable practices in its operation. CEEDS positions faculty, staff and students to lead societies toward a sustainable future by supporting curricular development, facilitating collaborative projects and providing resources for environmental research.

Center for Women & Financial Independence

A comprehensive effort to help young women take hold of their own financial futures by understanding the central role of economics in their lives, the Center for Women & Financial Independence provides lessons in basic financial literacy, the opportunity to build an in-depth understanding of global financial markets and tools for entrepreneurs and those seeking skills for successful self-employment.

Jandon Center for Community Collaboration

The Jandon Center for Community Collaboration promotes a campus-wide culture of community engagement, responsive citizenship, and the active generation of knowledge to benefit society. The center will be an active resource for academic development and will coordinate the training in methodology, ethics and community structures that students need to make their experiences productive.

Lewis Global Studies Center

The Phoebe and John D. Lewis Global Studies Center engages Smith students in international studies and cultivates an understanding of the global context and implications of their work. The center integrates, enriches and makes more prominent these opportunities through its programs, advancing the college’s mission to prepare women for global leadership.

Wurtele Center for Work & Life

Linking programming on leadership, work preparation and wellness practices, the Wurtele Center for Work and Life provides a context where students can learn about current research on women’s lives, reflect on their own experiences, and explore concepts of fulfillment uniquely suited to them.