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Here you will find the answers to questions that are circulating on campus or have been e-mailed to This page will be updated regularly as we receive new questions. Click on a question for the answer.

What is Mountain Day and what happens on that day?

Mountain Day is the annual fall break from classes that has been a Smith tradition for more than a century. On one beautiful, crisp fall day, the President will declare Mountain Day!

College bells in the Quadrangle, the Helen Hills Hills Chapel and College Hall will ring at 7:05, 7:15, and 7:30 a.m. to announce the holiday. Classes and academic appointments are canceled until 7 p.m. Please note that evening events, like films and lectures, will be held as scheduled.

Breakfast will be served in the regular locations:
Chase/Duckett, Cusing/Emerson, Cutter/Ziskind, and Tyler from 7:30 to 9:30 a.m.
Hubbard (continental breakfast) from 7:00-9:30.

All lunch sites will put out ingredients for students to put together bag lunches from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. (Chapin 10-1). Dinner will be served as usual.

So when you hear those bells, put aside your books and enjoy the fall weather. Go on a hike, have a picnic with friends, or just relax out in the sun with a good novel. This is your day.

How do I let someone know about dining concerns or question?

You can e-mail, and the director of Dining Services, Kathleen Zieja, will read your inquiry and respond in one of two ways. If it is a specific question, you will receive a personal response; if there are common themes and all students  would benefit by the answer, then we will post the answer on this page. We welcome your feedback and comments, so please send us you questions.

What are the names of the Dining Services staff?

View Dining Services staff.

What is the Friday tea schedule?

View schedule

Do I have to bring my OneCard to meals?

Yes. Each student MUST present her OneCard to the meal checker for access into he dining room.

I want to take my meal back to my dorm and I can't remove the china. What should I do?

China can NOT be removed from the dining room. If you need to take food out of the dining room and don't have your Tupperware dish, contact your kitchen staff and they will provide you with paper products. Paper products are kept in the kitchen to support sustainability efforts. Use your dining mug!

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Where can I get a new mugn?

Stop in at the Dining Services office at 30 Belmont Ave. (off of Green St.) and pick one up.

Can I eat in the Smith dining rooms if I am not on the regular meal plan?

Smith offers an Off-Campus Meal Plan to Smith students who are not on the regular meal plan. You will find information about this plan and a downloadable sign-up sheet on the Dining Services site.

I take a 5-College class and miss a meal.  Can I eat at another campus?

Yes. Students on the boad plan may get a 5-College dining pass to eat at one of the other 4 colleges. Contact the Dining Services office by phone (x2300) or email ErikaHerring. You must let them know what meal(s) you need the pass for. Once you get the 5-College meal pass, you bring the pass to the other campus dining service office and they will assign you a place to eat.

Students do not need an academic reason for weekly lunch meals; for dinner and weekend meals, you must inform the Dining Service office of the class or academic reason that requires you to be at the other campus.

What is the Hubbard hot"Grab and Go" breakfast?

Hubbard is open for continental breakfast from 7 - 11:00 a.m. and then an "expanded" continental breakfast from 11:00 - 1:00 p.m. The printed menu always lists some breakfast sandwiches, quiches, hot sandwiches and other options. The staff adds more items to the menu. The options include yogurt, pre-made salads, sandwiches, and fresh fruit. Macaroni and cheese and chili will be served as a lunch option occassionally.

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What do I do if I lose my OneCard or it is damaged?

Please visit for information about lost, stolen, or damaged OneCards.

How do I get my guest tickets?

Eight guest tickets have been programmed into the OneCard.

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What has Smith done to reduce the waste of paper products in the dining rooms?

This year all Smith students again received a special 16 oz insulated "to-go" mug. In order to support sustainability efforts, we will no longer have paper cups available in the dining rooms, so we encourage you to bring your mug to meals if you intend to carry beverages out of the dining room. Students are able to use these 16 oz mugs in the Campus Center to purchase coffee or tea but are charged only for the regular 12 oz cup.

For more information about Smith's efforts to foster sustainability, visit Smith's Green Team Web site.

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What if I have food allergies?

Dining Services will continue to work with individual students who have documented food allergies. If you know you have a food allergy, you should call the Dining Services office (585-2300) and ask to speak to Kathy Zieja right away.

Since nuts are a known cause of potentially severe allergic reaction, all our food stations will be set up to keep nuts separate from the rest of the food being served. In addition, foods containing nuts will be clearly labeled.

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